Elevate Purpose, Peace, Profit!

Have you lost passion for your business or maybe you are just too tired?

Do your team members fight, or maybe someone just gets on your nerves?

Is your return on your investment too small for the amount of work you put in?

Request a Free Strategy Session! I am looking forward to understand what your situation is and see if I can help.

Request a Free
Strategy Session

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill the form with the information requested then, we will book a time for a Zoom call.
  • You will receive an email with preparation questions to return before your session. This will get me ready to strategize with you.
  • We will have a 45-minute candid conversation about what you would like to achieve, explore what’s in the way, and what is needed for resolution.
  • IF we feel a connection, we can then take 15 more minutes for you to ask questions about Entrepreneur Enlightenment Coaching or Consulting.
  • After the session there will be a follow up e-mail summarizing the discussion.

This is a complimentary session for your business owners with 5 to 50 employees who are looking to elevate purpose, peace, profits.


Looking forward to talking with you and co-creating a strategy for the path forward together.

Irina Mihaela

About Irina

Irina Mihaela, BSc, Peng business experience spans over two decades from an executive in high-tech corporate where she developed and grew her department’s business by 600% up to $7 million in two years, to business consulting and coaching for million-dollar companies.

Her skills are extensive: Business Management, Team Building, Leadership, Strategic Intervention Coaching, Relationships Coaching, Manifestation and Meditation.

While highly strategic and results-oriented, Irina also uses her intuition and energy healing abilities to go deep with her clients and resolve and release anything that keeps them stuck. She believes that world peace can be achieve when each and every one of us has inner peace.

I chose Irina to be my mentor as I knew I had to work with someone who would understand my corporate background. I have experienced so many serendipitous events and manifestations that I am far more progressed on the clarity of my life and purpose than where I initially thought I might be. I can only say that to benefit from Irina’s wisdom and experience is a privilege, an honour and a blessing.

Kobus Dippenaar