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Enlightenment: Peace & Profit

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Albert Einstein

When you focus on elevating your level of consciousness, everything in your life and business becomes easier. You have greater clarity, calmly solve problems, and attract better opportunities. The result? You make more money with ease while feeling fulfilled.

Entrepreneur Enlightenment
Elevate Purpose

When each team member fulfills their purpose through their role and responsibilities, they are happier and more engaged in their work. Knowing how to align people with their purpose increases employee retention.

Elevate Peace

When two or more people work together, it is natural to have differences of opinion. Knowing how to maintain a positive environment where people feel heard and understood creates greater team efficiency.

Elevate Profit

When operating a business, there are many critical decisions to make in order to eliminate waste. Knowing how to devise a solid strategic plan and how to optimize resources by tapping into intuition creates the best return on investment.

Have you lost passion for your business, or maybe you are just too tired?

Do your team members fight, or maybe someone just gets on your nerves?

Is your return on your investment too small for the amount of work you put in?

Entrepreneur Enlightenment

Become Authentic by embracing your personality style, and purpose. Next, align your business and your role to match that. Establish your niche, find the best way to price and package your services, and discover who to have on your strategic team.


Become Empowered by setting clear boundaries and expectations with others. Release the past and find inner peace. Determine how your business and brand stand out and develop your marketing strategy.


Become Connected so you are able to make decisions using your intuition. Learn how to manifest with ease. Implement business systems and action plans to increase profit. Establish leadership in your industry.

Entrepreneur Enlightenment

Want to have an engaging speaker for your next event? Irina will connect the hearts and minds of your audience and facilitate an enlightening experience. With stage, TV, and radio experience, Irina mesmerizes audiences, with participants feeling instant transformation.

TV & Radio

Access the Entrepreneur Enlightenment show on Rogers TV or VoiceAmerica.com. You will learn practical business strategies for kind-hearted people with purpose-driven businesses and will hear stories of inspiring entrepreneurial success.


Entrepreneur Enlightenment book series: Establish Your Purpose-Driven Business and Peaceful Business Relationships. Irina’s memoir, Becoming Truly Free — A Journey from Abuse to Healing and Purpose is also available.

About Irina Mihaela

Irina Mihaela, BSc., PEng., has garnered business experience that spans over two decades. From an executive in Nuclear Engineering where she developed and grew her department’s business by 600% up to $7 million in two years, to business consulting and coaching for million-dollar companies from around the world.

Her skills are extensive: Business Management, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Team Building, Leadership, Strategic Intervention Coaching, Relationships Coaching, Intuitive Guidance and Healing Meditation.

While highly strategic and results-oriented, Irina also uses her intuition and energy healing abilities to go deep with her clients, resolving and releasing anything that keeps them stuck. She is able to quickly connect the dots, even in complex scenarios, to help her clients have an instant transformation and move their business forward.


Are you living your life with frustration or bliss?

Here is something you could add to your new year resolution to ensure you have a good life no matter what – choose to live your life with bliss not frustration.

March 7, 2022