Elevate purpose, peace, profit!
Want to achieve your full potential, fulfill your true purpose, and have a thriving business?

As a high achiever, you’ve built a successful business, but now you have too many demands on your time — and it’s hard to find that work-life balance. You need support and clarity on what you can do to achieve your long-term goals while regaining your joy.

Join the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy for guidance and support to help you grow personally, implement new business strategies, and elevate your level of consciousness towards enlightenment.

The Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy community is led by an experienced teacher, offers personalized attention, and brings like-minded individuals together. It’s not an online course you do by yourself. You are never alone.

You get weekly check-ins, bi-monthly Q&As, a Retreat and a Business Management Intensive every trimester, plus private coaching and healing sessions with Irina.

Is the Enlightenment Academy right for you? Schedule a complimentary Clarity Call to explore.

This work will help you raise your level of consciousness, fully claim your power, and manifest your highest potential.

Becoming a member of the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy provides you with strategies to reinvent your business, curriculum that builds your confidence, intuitive guidance to help you make the best decisions, and community support to keep you accountable and progressing on your path to enlightenment.

Your personal growth and spiritual advancement will create the solid foundation you need to grow your business.

The Academy is for you if you would like to experience fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities, enhanced decision-making skills, interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence in growing your business. You can also expect to see substantial results in the areas of productivity, personal satisfaction, and the achievement of business goals.

Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy is for you if you are daring, ambitious, have big dreams, and are determined to succeed. This is a long-term, high-touch, and premium service that encourages masterminding and collaboration with other business owners.

What we will work on

The path to enlightenment is like a spiral, similar to climbing up a mountain and going around until you reach the summit. With each pass, you understand concepts at a deeper level and from a higher perspective.

There are 3 levels you can achieve:

What we will work on

The path to enlightenment is like a spiral, similar to climbing up a mountain and going around until you reach the summit. With each pass, you understand concepts at a deeper level and from a higher perspective.

There are 3 levels you can achieve:


your purpose-driven business


yourself and your team


your reach and business profit

Experiential Retreats that Transform and Elevate

Reinvent Your Business Retreat

Analyze what has worked so far and what needs improvement, learn the lessons, and let go of the rest. Define your next business level and devise strategies for each area of growth. At this retreat, you will create an action plan and rituals to achieve your goals aligned with your purpose.

Becoming Truly Free Retreat

Release self-sabotaging patterns, hurts, and failures that block your success. Learn to be assertive, set boundaries, and express expectations. You will create a way for peace in all of your relationships with the work we do in this retreat.

Manifest Abundance Retreat

Let go of the fear of success and learn the manifestation process. Elevate your level of consciousness so your business goals can be achieved with ease. You will create supportive ways to grow and elevate your business profit at this retreat.

What some of our members are saying

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Learning Center: Access to your Learning Centre curriculum with organized reading material, videos, coaching questions, and resources. The curriculum includes the Authentic, Empowered Connected Process TM, Entrepreneur Enlightenment TM, and Business Management Strategies.
  • Retreats: Three group retreats that each include a 2-week experience with online learning and 2 live sessions on Zoom of 5 hours each. The topics are Reinvent Your Business, Becoming Truly Free, and Manifest Abundance.
  • Q&A: Twice a month Q&A group coaching calls with Irina, where you can specifically discuss and get guidance on what is going on in your business or personal life at the time.
  • Intensives: 3 Business Management Intensives that are 4-hour group sessions live on Zoom. The topics are Embrace Your Uniqueness, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Team Building.
  • Community Support: One-year membership in Entrepreneur Enlightenment Network TM — a support and accountability group. This community is for you to have around you as you are going through your transformation. You are connected via a Facebook group.
  • Personalized Access: Access to Irina via Messenger to share important updates and receive any oracle cards she might pull for you during your session.
  • Accountability Support: A check-in buddy for you to share your experiences and stay on track with your assignments.
  • Private Coaching: 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Irina depending on the package option you chose.

Irina is able to take you from business, to personal life, to spiritual experience and energy healing all in one session. She connects the dots fast, even in complex situations. The sessions with her are high impact.


The Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy provides curriculum, coaching, and community. Her teachings blend Personal Transformation principles discovered on her arduous journey of becoming truly free from the abuse and trauma she suffered as a child, with Business Management Strategies drawing on her 18 years of Business and Project Manager experience in the high-tech corporate world, plus over 11 years of business development in her private business and working with business owners from around the world, together with Spiritual Healing Practices she has learned and experienced through her own spiritual awakening.


Irina is passionate about following her life’s purpose and making a good living while having fun. She is equally passionate about supporting other purposeful entrepreneurs in doing the same.


Irina is a certified Strategic Intervention Coach as well as certified in Marriage Counseling and Divorce Prevention by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes. She is an Angel Guidance and Rainbow Energy Healing Practitioner certified by Chris Cuciurean and Angel Card Reader certified by Doreen Virtue of Hay House. Irina is an award-winning leader, PEng, BSc., Project Manager, and Executing Success Leader trained by the Schulich School of Business.


Irina specializes in working with high achiever entrepreneurs, founders, visionaries, and creatives. Her coaching is laser-sharp focused and efficient in helping you quickly achieve results.

To enable you to get unstuck and progress to your next level, Irina combines coaching and logical thinking from engineering, business management, and business development, with her ability to amplify energy, convey intuitive guidance, and effect energy healing.

The Academy is for people who are committed to fulfilling their life’s purpose and grow their business to the next level — and achieve their vision on a fast track. This is like a form of higher education, so participants need willingness and ability to participate, initiative and drive, and dedication in order to succeed.

You will gain more clarity, confidence, and ease. You will also learn sound business management strategies to thrive in business while fulfilling your purpose.


Our clients are purposeful achievers who are willing to take responsibility for their lives and seek inner peace no matter what conditions surround them. People who benefit the most from coaching with Irina are the people who want to take action, are willing to have their beliefs challenged, and are not afraid to go out of their comfort zone and be vulnerable. They are open minded and spiritually inclined.


People who benefit most are professional and supportive. They love to collaborate, offer resources and encouragement, and ask for help when they feel down or stretched too thin.


The Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy has helped businesses in a range of industries, such as Media Company, Telecommunications Engineering, IT Financial Services, Insurance Company, Voice School, Singer, Clothing Store, Dance Coach, Professional Photographer, Family Consultant, Business Manager, Meat Farm, Cattle Ranch, Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist, Reiki Practitioner, Business Consultant, Artist, Bookkeeping Firm, Interior Designer, Real Estate Agent, Medical Doctor, and many more.  Irina also provides coaching to other coaches.

This is not the right program for you if:

  • You believe achieving results doesn’t require work and an investment of your time, money, and energy. If you are not willing to commit to the full coaching process and complete assignments, you won’t get the results you seek. 
  • You are not open to honestly discussing your intimate challenges with your coach and in a group setting. You do not really want to speak about what might not be “perfect” or as good as it can be.
  • You are driven by your ego and don't want to have your views challenged. If you feel ashamed to publicly disclose that you work with a coach, this program is not right for you.

Embarking in this coaching process is like getting a higher education; it takes discipline and a commitment of a minimum of three hours a week to work on assignments. The more time you dedicate to this, the better the results.


Between coaching sessions, you will have the curriculum with introspective questions to consider as well as strategic exercises and actions to take so you can grow yourself and your business.


You will be expected to take serious and consistent action. As you are excited to achieve your goals, a no-excuses approach works best. It will be up to you to request the level of support you need from your coach and from your Academy colleagues. Irina will always meet you half way.

Yes! The result of being a member in the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy and working with Irina is a tested and effective approach to achieving your goals. Over time and with your dedication, you will enhance your life and grow your business considerably. (See Client Testimonials )


If you would like to contact some of the Academy’s past clients directly and ask what they got out of working with Irina, please send us an e-mail and we will provide their contact information.

You can expect to experience fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities, enhanced thinking and decision-making skills, heightened interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence in growing your business. You can also expect to see considerable results in the areas of productivity, personal satisfaction, and the achievement of business goals.

Specifically, after the first year in the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy, you can expect to:

  • Gain clarity on what you want to achieve and why
  • Know how to use your strengths to achieve your goals
  • Define your uniqueness and know your purpose
  • Create a strategic plan for your business
  • Find your source of strength and personal empowerment
  • Gain confidence and communicate assertively and effectively
  • Identify, resolve, and release subconscious self-sabotage patterns so you can move forward
  • Put in place strategies for “out of comfort zone” situations
  • Reorganize your team
  • Optimize your Ideal Client, Services and Prices so your business profit increases
  • Develop your intuition and decision-making skills
  • Understand business management principles that big corporations use and apply them to your business
  • Learn how to build an efficient team, Joint Ventures, and Strategic Alliances
  • Connect with a network of likeminded entrepreneurs

That depends on your willingness to DO what gets results. But, regardless of that… you will experience PROGRESS from the very first session that we have together.

We only work with people who are advanced. Joining us will help you maximize all that you learned before. Knowing is not enough — applying and seeing what works is the key to greatness. You are here because you are seeking more and there is more to learn and experience.


When we change the way we do things, we become uncomfortable and unsure, and can give up just before we are about to break through. Being part of the Academy and working with Irina as your coach keeps you accountable to yourself, keeps you engaged, and keeps you motivated. You get support when you think you have failed to help you to understand and get over temporary setbacks. We are here to celebrate your successes as means of creating momentum and keeping you going.


“A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise one learns from the mistakes of others”. - Unknown 


You will learn a great deal from the members of the group. Sometimes they will have questions that you didn’t think about and that will help you avoid pitfalls.


Irina works with her own intuitive healers and coaches on a consistent basis. She doesn’t want to waste time and money reinventing the wheel and she definitely cannot stand being stuck; she wants fast results so she can grow, contribute, and enjoy life.


Lastly, it is hard to know what we don’t know. This is why we need someone who walked the road before us to guide us through.

Congratulations! One of the most prominent characteristics of successful people is that they take decisive action. They expand out of their comfort zone, are committed, and move forward towards success faster as a direct result.


Please schedule your complimentary Clarity Call. This is a 45-minute conversation where Irina will guide the conversation to understand your challenges, your goals and next steps, the impact change will make on your life, and the level of support you need. This call is also for you to ask questions, and if it feels good, discuss the next steps. Schedule your session now

Is the Academy right for you? Schedule a free Clarity Call to explore.