Elevate purpose, peace, profit!

You have built a successful company, but you often feel too busy and frustrated. You don’t know what will help you grow and find balance.

Your success has almost burnt you out. With a team of 5 to 50 people, you are tired of constantly having to put out fires and solve everyone’s problems. Your life revolves around your business and you have little time or energy to really take care of yourself. You are stretched thin and sometimes feel overwhelmed.

How can you achieve that feeling of fulfillment and peace while growing a successful company?

It’s a catch-22 because you feel responsible to do what needs to be done — but you also want a fulfilling life. You are ambitious and want to continue to grow. You strongly believe in your vision and want to help your team members succeed. You care about your clients, delivering good services, and making a difference.

You don’t have to do it alone. I can help!

All you have to do is take my hand. I’ll be your coach, advisor, and energy healer. You will get personalized support and dedicated attention.

Depending on your situation, we can begin to work together for 4, 8, or 12 months. Once we achieve excellent results, we can decide if to extend our engagement. One of my clients is in her fourth year with me and several others are in their third. They are growth-minded individuals and we incorporate new strategies at each level of success.

My skills are wide-ranging: Entrepreneur Enlightenment Coaching, Business Management, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Engineering, Team Building, Leadership Consulting, Strategic Intervention & Life Coaching, Relationship Rescue, Manifestation, Meditation, Energy Healing, Intuitive Guidance.

With this comprehensive toolbox, I am able to quickly connect the dots — even in complex scenarios. I’ll help you quickly identify, resolve, and release anything that holds you back.

You will benefit from my decades of experience. I use whatever tool is needed to give you the desired result each and every session.

What we will work on

Depending on your situation, we will work on aligning your business with your purpose, creating peace in your relationships, and increasing your business profit so you can reach your full potential without struggle, fight, or burnout.

What we will work on

Depending on your situation, we will work on aligning your business with your purpose, creating peace in your relationships, and increasing your business profit so you can reach your full potential without struggle, fight, or burnout.

Elevate Purpose
Elevate Peace
Elevate Profit

Here are just some of the results my clients have achieved:

Became a powerful president

The leader became confident, was no longer afraid of being “bossy”, and was able to make the best decisions for the company's future without worrying about what others would say. We set boundaries with the team. Instead of the leader working non-stop, we engaged the team and trained them to do their work independently. The leader released resentment, anger, and frustration, and felt at peace.

Improved Team Efficiency

We analyzed everyone’s strengths and unique abilities, and looked for alignment with the roles. We reorganized and set up the organizational chart so that people had to take full responsibility for their roles. We implemented performance monitoring and review. Several presidents we able to release feelings of guilt when having to let somebody go, when breaking partnerships, or when changing the direction of the company.

Increased Cash-flow

We created project plans, and put them in place with deadlines, workflow, and expectations. This increased efficiency and helped meet deadlines. We rolled the plan out to the staff and got buy-in. As a result, projects were finished on schedule, clients could finally be invoiced, and cash flow improved.

Found a New Passion

We started with strategic planning for the company. We organized the business so it aligned with the CEO's personality and purpose. This alignment was crucial for both the business and the CEO to thrive. Despite best efforts, the struggle continued. We determined that the best option was to sell that business and start one that aligned more closely with the owner’s passion and purpose, which we did successfully.

How can I provide invaluable support when I’m in your corner?

Before I opened my business in 2011, I worked in Nuclear Engineering for 18 years. I ran complex teams and projects and had to respond to critical situations. Every 2 years I got a promotion, and I eventually reached Senior Manager level and Acting Director. Within 2 years of taking over my department, I increased business by 600% up to $7 million.

I know how hard it is to manage people when you are kind, responsible, and loving. I understand the challenges of being driven when not everyone else around you is. I know the anguish of wanting to do good and feeling that you cannot.

As I become part of your advisory team, you will have me to call on for support and to bounce ideas off. I’ll give you unbiased, balanced insights along with intuitive guidance, and together we will find solutions to whatever issues you’re facing. My clients find me grounded, safe, insightful, and deep.

What is unique about my approach is that I have solid business understanding and engineering problem-solving ability combined with personal transformation and intuitive insights. With this comprehensive toolbox, I can help you improve all aspects of your life and business so you can recover your energy, enthusiasm, and ease.

2003 Leadership Award for consistently delivering projects on time and on budget – President Award of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering

Let’s schedule a complimentary Clarity Call to understand your situation and see if I can help.