Elevate purpose, peace, profit!

Be a rebel, become truly free from what others put on you, and awaken to your true loving, innocent, and pure nature. You are loved, you are needed, you matter.

Irina Mihaela


To help abused children ages 12 to 20 evolve from being emotionally traumatized to becoming truly free, empowered, and confident in their future and to know how to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

The soul contract of these children has led them to join Irina and the herd of horses, the foundation staff, board of directors, and the other children. Some are at-risk youth while others are bought in by their parents because of behavioural problems.

After experiencing regular visits with the horses, the children are able to release the burden of anger, shame, and fear from their previously difficult lives. Many children experience safety and feel love for the first time. Through the shared activities, they feel understood and create connections among themselves.

They can now run through life’s difficult terrain with ease and grace. And, if they ever need it, a safety line is always available. The children can grab the reins and connect with the foundation again.


The foundation is led by Irina Mihaela, an experienced business and enlightenment coach and healer. She volunteers her various skills and shares stories from her arduous journey of healing from being physically, emotionally, and sexually abused to inspire the children to see new possibilities for themselves and to give them hope.

The board of directors is connected to Irina’s vision and loving peaceful energy, which allows these 7 people to support all aspects of the foundation to thrive and succeed with its mission.

The foundation staff, equine coach, administration, program manager, activity coordinator, and property manager are all fully aligned in ensuring harmony and transformation for everyone involved, whether human or animal.

Benefactors and volunteers are moved to contribute and give of themselves generously. This helps the Foundation achieve its mission. Entrepreneur Enlightenment Inc. funds 20% of all activities.


The Gypsy Vanner horses are the perfect equine guides. Small in stature, calm, and beautiful, they open the hearts of the children and help them to heal. Some of the horses have been rescued themselves or are retired show horses, so finding a home at the Foundation allows them to heal too.

The Grounds

The foundation is located on a large ranch with rolling hills of beauty and pure energy, with stables and white fences. There is vast space for gardens and community activities.

In this non-judgmental safe place, both human and horse are grounded, nurtured, healed, and elevated.
Enthusiasm replaces fear, and all are able to continue their journey with courage, joy, purpose, and peace.

It’s November, 2024, and we have helped 777 abused children feel safe, connected, and loved so they can elevate their lives.



This is the vision. The Foundation will be registered as of November, 2022. Irina is searching for the horse ranch to welcome in the horses and children.

Are you moved by this cause? We would love your support.