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A seasoned public speaker with extensive experience in a variety of media such as hosting a TV Show and a Radio Show, performing in a theatre production, speaking at conferences, giving executive board room presentations, running retreats, facilitating workshops, giving interviews, and taking Q&A-style calls — Irina’s style is to engage the minds and the hearts of the audience by combining humour, practical strategies, and spiritual modalities.

One of Irina’s greatest talents is taking complex concepts and explaining them in simple and logical terms, using metaphors and exercises for easy comprehension and immediate implementation.

Irina is known to create a safe space where participants feel free to express, explore, and expand while having a magical and enlightening experience.

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Entrepreneur Enlightenment on Rogers TV

This show educates entrepreneurs on how to overcome resistance and self-sabotaging patterns, and transcend their ego and fears so they can expand their business and thrive. It is designed to help them uncover how personal history and business success are related.

How Emotional Blocks Affect the Ability to Succeed

Entrepreneur Enlightenment – Marketing

Purpose Takes the Pain Away

Connecting the Mind and Body and Why it’s Important in Business

The Dance Between Fear of Failure and Fear of Success


The Entrepreneur Enlightenment show provides empowerment, business strategies, and spiritual guidance to people who are searching for their path in life and business. This is the place where business and spirituality meet. There is a path to enlightenment through entrepreneurship, a path where transcending personal limitations is directly linked with business success.

Align Your Business with Your Purpose

Release the Fears of Receiving Money for Your Service

Pricing Your Services Right

Packaging Your Services is the Loving Way to Go!

Making the Sale with Love

Entrepreneur Enlightenment – A Guide to Establishing Your Purpose Driven Business

Can you be on a spiritual path and run a money-making business? Yes! When you align your business with your purpose, it’s easy to pursue both. Irina’s Entrepreneur Enlightenment philosophy combines practical business principles with spirituality and love, teaching how to transcend your ego and fears and thrive as a result.

From clarifying your purpose to defining your niche and learning to love marketing and sales, this book is a unique take on creating a winning business.

Entrepreneur Enlightenment – A Guide to Peaceful Business Relationships

This book is for people who have a big purpose but get lost in pleasing others. It is for CEO founders who have built a good business only to become stretched for time because of the requests of all the people that work for them or with them.

Find out how you can take back your time, create inner-peace, and establish peace with all those you work with.

Interested in this topic? Click here to become a book club member. The book will be released summer 2023.

Becoming Truly Free - A Journey from Abuse to Healing and Purpose.

This book expresses Irina’s belief that no matter what happened to us in life, there comes a time when we need to step up and take full responsibility for our well-being. We need to look at our history and heal all of the abuse, hurt, and confusion one by one. We need to search for a way to thrive — not just survive.

This book is a memoir following Irina’s journey of healing from physical, emotional, and sexual abuse encountered in her childhood. Irina’s desire is to inspire many others to heal themselves by showing them an example of what is possible when one is committed. Each chapter has a conclusion and a healing meditation to help you process your emotions.