Elevate purpose, peace, profit!

I feel more centered, grounded and less scattered.

Before attending the private VIP session with Irina I felt scattered, anxious, unsure about how it would unfold or how it would help me. The whole process of transitioning into my purpose felt foreign to me because I have been trying to do this for many years and have spent the majority of those years feeling conflicted and pulled in many directions. This has taken a toll on my self confidence and self esteem.

After one private VIP session with Irina, I feel more centered, grounded and less scattered. There is a well of calm that I have been able to access inside of me. This has helped me focus. My mind is clearer on what I need to do next to transition into my purpose.

Irina brings a lot of credibility not only personally and professionally but in the way she interacts with you. I felt very comfortable and at ease in her presence. She creates a calm and safe environment with which to share. She is clear and concise in her statements and in her advice. Irina not only provides coaching she is also an energy healer. I received some powerful Rainbow Energy Healing during our session which helped me release some energetic blocks and I am feeling so much relief and ease now.

Kobus Dippenaar
Director www.biztechpeople.co

Working with Irina Benedict has had a huge impact on my life and my future. Before, I was lacking confidence in my own skills and abilities, and didn’t trust myself to make important decisions. I felt like a victim. I also had a rather low opinion of myself and what I had to offer. Through our work together, she helped me to turn it completely around by helping me to realize that I was holding myself back from a great life, and that I have the power within me to have everything I want and then some. It was wonderful to know this truth, and that it didn’t have to stay that way..by following her advice I have come out on the other side a different person! I will forever be grateful to her for what she has done for me. Thanks Irina!

Kobus Dippenaar
Director www.biztechpeople.co

I was quite surprised how effective Irina could be in a first session. With very little background about me, she took in what I told her and reflected it back in such a way that all my objectives became connected. I had been struggling with a sense of overwhelm; with so many diverse things to do, I didn’t know how to prioritize them. Seeing that they are all, in fact, connected to the same goal took away the anxiety of which one to do first, replacing it with a sense of progress for completing any of them. Irina brought me clarity and focus which has allowed me to be more productive.”

Keyra Conlinn

I am empowered to continue to make new goals and succeed in achieving what I have set into motion

Thank you once again for being a part of my growth and movement as a journey forward on this quest we call life. I am empowered to continue to make new goals and succeed in achieving what I have set into motion. As for finding my voice, You would have been proud of me on Saturday. I was at a Celebration of Life for a dear friend and was asked to read a short letter to the group and I did. Four months ago I would have declined. I did not worry that my voice would crack or that I may shed a tear or two or that I may stumble over words. I just did it the best I could and felt wonderful and proud of myself afterwards.

I have found my voice and will continue to use it without fear of what I may perceive as not good enough. For I am good enough and I do need to be heard in whatever that capacity may be.

Thank you, Most Sincerely and heart felt, Peace, Love and Laughter,

There are many coaches but it is not always easy to decide where to go, I think I am very lucky to work with Irina Benedict.

When I decided to call Irina Benedict I felt very much confused and depressed, procrastination was dominating in all aspects of my life, I felt completely stuck in my business development. After the very first session with Irina I felt much better and more energized and my whole life situation started to change. I got unstuck and open for new tasks, new moves and new clients.

After working with Irina I learned to accept myself and forgive myself and others. Irina helped me recognize my strengths and understand how I could use them in my life and in my business. Under her thoughtful and supportive guidance I got much more clarity about my way in life and in business and I let myself acknowledge my true desires, my purpose and my real goals. With that new clarity I found new ways and new opportunities for my personal and business development and started implementing them. There are many coaches but it is not always easy to decide where to go, I think I am very lucky to work with Irina Benedict.