WORKSHOP From Peacefulness to Profitability: How Enlightenment Transforms Business

Oct 16, 2023 01:00 PM in Toronto / America

Is there a way to achieve success while living and leading with lightness and joy? Yes.

Working long hours, constantly putting out fires, and carrying the load of your entire business on your shoulders is definitely not the way.


Here’s what we will work through during this interactive workshop:

  • What is enlightenment, spiritual intelligence, and how to sense energy? I will lead a short meditation so you can experience an instant shift from restlessness to inner peace.
  • How to apply my strategy for aligning your business with your purpose, creating peace in relationships, and increasing your business profit so you can reach your vision without struggle or burnout.
  • How to make better decisions using both logic and intuition. This is a great skill when hiring new team members, drafting proposals, deciding on a new business direction or product, or entering a partnership. You will get clarity on one of your decisions as we go through an intuitive decision-making process together.


Seeking enlightenment, becoming peaceful and easily making critical decisions will increase your business profit, drive outstanding results and eliminate stress. Wouldn’t it be great to have fun while making a big impact in the world?

Get ready! We will do it together!

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